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"Learning how to smile again was the most difficult part...There is nothing more satisfying to me as being able to laugh freely and openly." ~ Beth

Shalom Chhour

Shalom initially came to see us because she didn’t like the shape and wear on her two front teeth. On close examination, we also found that she had quite dark short teeth with a large amount of gum showing when she smiled.

After discussing her options together we elected to first reposition the height of her gum line with our soft tissue laser which is a surprisingly easy and painless procedure. This meant she showed more tooth when she smiled and much less gum. Then we whitened things which worked really well too. Finally, we veneered her two front teeth replacing the old stained fillings with ceramics and which allowed us to rebuild the teeth to their original overall length and straighten them up.

What I particularly loved about doing this case for Shalom is the soft tissue recontouring. It’s such a simple procedure that gives amazingly quick and stunning results.